This is a website for my work!

Thank you for your visiting and interests in my work. I hope you enjoy my website. Also, I'm always looking for interesting projects, works, collaborations or something I can contribute. Please feel free to contact me, your offer is more than welcome.

EMAIL : tonishi(at)ttic.edu

About me

My brief self-introduction.

Publication List

  • Dealing with Medication Non-Adherence Expressions in Twitter
    Takeshi Onishi, Davy Weissenbacher, Ari Klein, Karen O’Connor and Graciela Gonzalez-Hernandez.
    Accepted for SMM4H at EMNLP2018
  • Relation extraction with weakly supervised learning based on process-structure-property-performance reciprocity
    Takeshi Onishi, Takuya Kadohira, Ikumu Watanabe.
    Accepted for Science and Technology of Advanced Materials
  • Emergent Predication Structure in Hidden State Vectors of Neural Readers
    Hai Wang, Takeshi Onishi, Kevin Gimpel, David McAllester.
    Accepted for Repl4NLP: 2nd Workshop on Representation Learning for NLP, August 2017
  • Who did What: A large-scale person-centered cloze dataset
    Takeshi Onishi, Hai Wang, Mohit Bansal, Kevin Gimpel, and David McAllester.
    In Proceedings of Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing, Austin, Texas, November 2016

Works and Activities

Here is my works and fun activities!

NAACL 2019 @Minneapolis

I’m visiting Minneapolis for NAACL 2019. One of the largest NLP conference!

16th JRCC

16th Japanese Researchers in Chicago (JRCC) is successfully completed. Thank you for joining!

7th NU-NIMS Materials Genome Workshop

I attended 7th NU-NIMS Materials Genome Workshop at Northwestern University. I’m excited by more and more NLP on Material science.

Visiting @TTI-J

I’m visiting Toyota Technological Institute in Japan which I graduated five years ago for my research and also going to visit some institutes to see Japanese AI industry. Very exciting travel!

Research @Upenn

I’m working on a research project at the University of Pensylvania during the summer (June - September)! The research is an information extraction in social media for medical science. I’m so excited by the new research project!

Workshop @Northwestern University

I had a presentation about my work, Relation Extraction with Weakly Supervised Learning Based on Process-Structure-Property-Performance Reciprocity, at a workshop in Northwestern University.

Internship @Adobe

I’m working for Adobe as an intern during the summer (June - September)! This is my first trip to the Bay area and San Jose! I’m so excited about the research project and the new city!

Workshop @Northwestern University

My work in NIMS is presented at the joint workshop of NIMS and Northwestern University! My work named CAMaD is on the way to publishing!

Visiting and talks @TTI-J

I visited Toyota Technological Institute in Japan (TTI-J) I’ve graduated 4-years ago and gave a talk to students about my research project in NIMS.

Who-did-What @EMNLP2016

Our paper is accepted by EMNLP 2016, and I made a presentation about it in EMNLP 2016.

Internship @NIMS

I’m working for National Institute for Material Science(NIMS) in Japan as my internship ( Oct - Dec 2016). My research project is “causal relation extraction from natural language texts for material development” which includes distant supervision for relation extraction and keyword/phrase detection technologies.